About me


Have you ever walked into some one’s home at 7:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. and felt everything was where it was meant to be? Well-kept. Organized. Nice smell. A feel-good home. No strewn-around newspapers, clothes lying on the sofa, keys on the table, or rumpled sheets.

This blog is an attempt to create a feel-good home. A home you would long to come back to after work. Rooms that reflect your personality. Organizing ideas even for the smallest of spaces that have room for everything. Choosing the right accessories that will give a spacious feeling. Ideas to showcase your collectibles. Decorating walls with your child’s craft or your own creations.

My personal philosophy is that a designated place for everything leads to no clutter at home. No clutter leads to an organized way of living. Bright rooms complements that and leads to a happy living.
“matthewherbert” blog will feature home improvement tips, house tours, DIY projects, and showcase tons of products to dress your home :)